Securing and nurturing a qualified, sustainability-ready workforce is more crucial than ever amid the dynamic changes in the oil and gas industry. Many operators and services companies face a shortage of professionals equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Fortunately, innovative training programs are available today that can help build a workforce ready to meet the sustainability challenges and opportunities ahead.

This short paper draws on Evaluate Energy's extensive experience delivering ESG, sustainability, and regulatory education within the oil and gas industry.

Download this whitepaper to gain insights into:

✅️ Why this training/skills issue matters so much today, and the impact of inaction

✅️ Equipping your new sustainability-ready workforce

✅️ Key factors driving the retention and training of skilled professionals

✅️ The impact of innovative sustainability training programs on reshaping the perception of the energy industry

✅️ Sustainability training options for your new workforce

Don't miss out on preparing your workforce for the future — download our whitepaper now.


Evaluate Energy ESG Learning is a trusted learning solutions provider for oil and gas companies at all stages of the journey to improve emissions performance and sustainability best practice. We value the role of oil and gas in global energy transition. We understand the pressures faced by operators and the realities of changing regulations. Our courses encompass emissions reduction, CCUS, hydrogen, reporting, regulatory, water strategy, and more. This includes the Sustainability in Energy Micro-Credential, a vital foundational education program for Canadian industry workers.




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