Download FREE the highest netbacks recorded by oil and natural gas producers in North America, based on Q3 2020 data – an Excel report created by our analysts

This Excel netback analysis (revenues less operating and transportation expenses, on a per boe basis) was generated from Evaluate Energy's proprietary financial and operating database of oil and gas companies.

Key database benefits:

  • Access the latest financial and operating performance metrics.
  • Analyse entire peer groups on a normalised basis.
  • Track the transition of capital to lower-carbon portfolios.
  • Assess who’s expanding, consolidating or restructuring, including farm-ins.
  • Benchmark operating costs by resource type and region.
  • Dissect deal metrics for presentations, competitor analysis and updated workflows.
  • Create customized reports using multiple financial and operating metrics.
  • Feed cloud-based data into your models, or export to Excel.

These benefits and more are available via an Evaluate Energy membership.

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